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Upcoming Webinars - BVA, VDS and VetYogi

BVA to host free c-word webinar, 21/3/20 @ 12:00

I'm breaking the rule this one time to raise some awareness of the BVA webinar scheduled for Sunday the 22nd March at 12:00. The Webinar will be hosted by BVA president, Daniella Dos Santos, and will hopefully outline what's been going on with relevance to the profession.

To register, click here.

VDS Training coach Carolyne Crowe to host meeting on 'taking back control' on 21/3/20 at 19:00

No, not in that Brexity way we're all sick of - this webinar is aimed at those feeling a bit stressed or unsure about the current state of affairs and aims to settle things down and focus us a bit. Can't hurt. Register for that here.

Following on at 20:15, VetYogi Chloé Hannigan will offer a Facebook Live yoga session on Vets:Stay, Go or Diversify.

If you aren't already a member of this helpful and diverse online community, you can find them here.

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