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Staying in touch with teleconferencing software

We're all looking at new ways of keeping in touch. Here's a rundown of potential options for staying in video contact with your veterinary teams while working from home.


One of the originals, but can be a little slow and pixelly at times. Good when used for business, as able to screen share. You should have a skype for business account through the remote desktop. One bonus is that skype has a web client and a desktop/mobile app.


Fast growing, less glitchy and very efficient, Zoom has been the conferencing software of choice for our recent company-wide updates. Using the free subscription, you can have up to 100 people on a call, and unlimited 1:1 meetings. Group meets are limited to 40 minutes on a free subscription, so keep it brief!

Microsoft Teams

It's gone from annoying you by popping up on the remote desktop, to a message board and videochatting lifeline in these weird times. Teams allows you to create different groups (for example, your home practice team) and different forums within that team. This way, you can separate purely social posts from work-based chat. The good news is that with an office 365 account from work, you've already got an account. The downside is only 4 people show up on the screen at any one time (the 4 who last made noise), but it is pretty intuitive otherwise.

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