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Quiz Nights for the Quarantine

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

I've got some very industrious friends, who, making the best of this, have started an online, Zoom based quiz night!

The quizzes begin this Saturday, the 21st of March at 8pm, and are scheduled again on Monday and Wednesday. This weekend's theme is general knowledge, but it's a 90's theme on monday, which already has me digging through the archives for the Backstreet Boys album I know is in there somewhere.

Don't know how this would work? No, I didn't either, but I think I have it down now.

First, there's a Facebook page. If you don't have Facebook, fret not. The quiz is conducted via Zoom.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite, and you can register as an individual (£3.50) or in a team (£5).

Instructions are as follows:

Setting Up

Ensure your team has access to two smart devices or screens. Buy your team's ticket for the Quiz! This gets you a ZOOM jcode + a link to the form for submitting answers. Create a free ZOOM account via the website or your device's app store.

Quiz Time

Use the ZOOM code you received to call into the Quiz 10 minutes before the start time. You can choose whether you want to be visible/audible to others or not. On a separate screen, navigate to the answers page (example page here). Enjoy the quiz with our friendly host!

It'll be just the same with a mug of tea, right?

Once again, that link for registration is right here: Quiz Nights for the Quarantine.

So calling all quiz nerds who are going to be missing the pub - It should be a good laugh - are any of you game?

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