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This post has been submitted by Ian Roper of Westpoint Farm Vets, Chelmsford.

For me, positive mental wellbeing has always been about processing events rationally, avoiding self-blame and staying in control of my emotions. It’s not always easy to do that, but these books have helped me to stay focussed, and not get dragged down into other people’s crap. I always try to read with healthy scepticism, but these books just spoke to me in the right way to help ward off imposter syndrome and stress. If you haven’t read them already, I’d thoroughly recommend them and would love to know which books have worked for you.

Happy - Darren Brown

An essay on the relevance of ancient philosophies in the modern world. Discusses the pitfalls of the self-help industry, and coaches rational thinking as a path to happiness and reducing anxiety. Includes bold but logical approach to dealing with mortality.

Black Box Thinking - Matthew Syed

Why failing is essential, and doesn’t make you a failure! A different perspective on embracing mistakes in order to develop, individually and as teams.

The Chimp Paradox, Mind Management - Prof Steve Peters

Delves into a model for understanding how your limbic system and pre-frontal cortex interact and so how you can manage your emotions and thoughts. Helps to deal with situations rationally, reduce stress, and be the best version of yourself.

Factfulness - Hans Rowling

A hopeful book, that will stop you believing that the world is going down the pan. Reminds you to rely on facts, and not be conned into misguided despair. Guaranteed to leave you feeling more uplifted.

The Fear Bubble - Ant Middleton

A fairly quick read. Some familiar concepts but framed in a novel way, which might work for many. Focuses on overcoming fear in general - particularly: fear of suffering; fear of failure; fear of conflict; and the fundamental fear of “not being good enough”. Thrown in with some dramatic anecdotes to demonstrate his approach to positive thinking, and pitfalls. Slightly self-indulgent if I’m being critical - but talks a lot of sense.

If you have titles that you would like to add to the list, or even comments on the above, please feel free to slip into the comments.

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