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Mental Health Resources

While much of the site is intended as a merry distraction and is about findnig the positive in the confusing, we recognise that times are hard, and that lone working and isolation can have a negative impact on mental health. Please find below some resources that can help support both you and your clients.

Vetlife - 0303 040 2551

Vetlife are also offering anonymous support via email, and you can register for that here.

Samaritans - 116 123

You can also email the Samaritans at jo@samaritans.org

RABI - 0808 281 9490

Support for agricultural and farming families.

FCN - 03000 111999

The Farming Community Network offer understanding of rural life. You can ask for help for yourself or someone you know.

The IAPT pathway

The NHS has a finder site, which allows you to bypass GP services in order to access local psychological therapies.

Health Shield - 01270 588 555

Remember you are entitled to use the My Counselling service. Log in to your account for full details.

Anxiety UK - 03444 775 774

Anxiety UK can also be contacted via email: support@anxietyuk.org.uk or by text on 07537 416 905.

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