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Get Your Fix: Zoo Streams

Stop everything you're doing. You need to watch cute animals going about their monkey business in zoos free from visitors.

Ediburgh Zoo are serving panda, koala, tiger and penguin feeds to meet all of your cut furball needs.

Need some of that giraffe, flamingo, penguin or lemur action? Look no further than Marwell Zoo.

Want an elephant in the room? Dublin Zoo got you.

My personal favourite is the red panda cam at Oklahoma Zoo.

If you can work out the time-zone, you can catch a load of burrowing owls, elephants, baboons, condor, giraffes, koalas, POLAR BEARS and apes at San Diego Zoo.

All the fun of meerkats without the car insurance jokes, at Paignton Zoo.

Let's go for some under the sea action and check out some dolphins, turtles, and otter cams at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

LIONS AND BEARS, oh my! at Reid Park.

More aquarium fun, because I'm obsessed with them, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Want some soothing jelly fish? They've got it.

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