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Free workout resources

Since we've all been told to stay at home, many fitness providers have been offering alternative means of getting us out of our chairs. Here's some of the best:

Results Wellness Lifestyle are putting on free daily Instagram workouts. Their feed is also peppered with tasty foods for you to try out while the kitchen is your oyster.

Home-schooler's favourite, Joe 'The Body Coach' Wicks is putting on a free kid-orientated PE session every weekday morning at 9am. Nobody is taking ID on the door, so I'd say this is open to everyone! And don't worry if you can't make the 9am slot - they're all on his channel to catch up on.

Makers of Barre, Yoga, HIIT and 7 minute workouts. Down Dog Yoga have extended their kind offer of free apps until the 1st May. Those of you associated with schools and other healthcare professions can get this free offer extended further.

Les Mills on Demand is offering a free, cancel-anytime trial, and perhaps going one better, Davina McCall's Own Your Goals platform is offering a 30 day trial with no card-detail signups required.

And, in the spirit of keeping this veterinary community focused, I can't leave without a massive shout to VetFit, the fitness-orientated company specifically designed with veterinary professionals in mind. They have recently launched a YouTube channel, bringing realistic, fun home-based workouts to you, for absolutely free.

Last but not least, word must spread about VetYogi. VetYogi has recently conducted a session for VSGD community members, but there are some great sessions on YouTube too!

It would be incredible, when this is finally over, if we could continue to support communities like VetFit and VetYogi, that are designed by vet-types, for vet-types.

Here's to a restful weekend - you're all doing great.

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