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Find a new hobby?

We hope to go into more detail and signpost to more resources as the website grows, but for now, here's a short list of some suggested at-home-activities that are quarantine friendly.

  • Learn a new language - Maybe one day we'll get to use them for real! Why not get our colleagues from overseas to give you some good tips, or practice together over the phone?

  • Learn to juggle

  • Origami

  • Knitting

  • Crochet

  • Baking - we hear stocks of bread are low, but it's super easy to make yo

  • Sewing

  • Hair plaiting - get yourself up to speed on hairdos that won't mean your ponytail ends up down a cow's throat

  • Advanced make up tutorials. Highlighter may be lost on cows, but surely we'll have some social events again one day.

  • Jigsaw puzzling

  • Sudoku

  • Crosswords

  • Learn a new instrument

  • Dig out the old console and become a master at snowboarding on the Wii

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