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Daily WFH Workout - Day 1

Don't go running for the hills right away, this one is easy. This morning, my other half turned office-sharer, who I have recently and painfully discovered does NOT take well to being cooped up inside for long periods, passed me a note. I have the 'benefit' of being able to go out to farms each day; lawyers, I have learned, do not.

Disappointingly the note was not a kind offer for a cup of tea, but an invitation to a new quick-fire, personalised workout, where they would set me 8 challenges in return for 8 for them.

The rules were: max number of reps: 20. Max amount of time on one exercise: 1 minute.

This is what we came up with, so I thought I may as well share. We'll share them every day for you guys to do if you don't think up your own. We used Alexa to time us, which was hilarious, and it took less than 10 minutes for us both to complete the challenges, before getting back to our desks.


Challenge A

  1. 10 press-ups

  2. 45 second plank

  3. 10 sit ups

  4. 1 minute wall sit

  5. 20 star jumps

  6. 1 minute side planks (30 seconds each side)

  7. 15 squats

  8. 10 lunges (5 each side)

Challenge B

  1. 20 Squats

  2. 5 pullups

  3. 20 situps with a medicine ball

  4. 10 leg raises

  5. 15 mountain climbers

  6. 2 rounds of 'Sun Salutation'

  7. 1 minute plank

  8. 10 seconds of 'Crow Pose'

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