Pooling our resources after being thrust into a novel situation!

Wellbeing of veterinary professionals has been a keen focus of Westpoint for some time now; one of our practices won the SPVS, RCVS Mind Matters Wellbeing Award in 2018 and the Westpoint Wellbeing Group was founded in 2019.

Since then, we have collaborated to continue to improve the working lives of everyone in our company.

This website has been literally thrown together in the looming shadow of that c-word we aren't going to say.We're here to focus on the positive, support through the challenging, and we're going to do it all without mentioning that virulent viral Voldemort.

It exists because we're keen to share resources and get a sense of community going in uncertain times, but it will THRIVE if you engage, participate and feed back. Our small pool of contributors are going strong and hoping to bring you content that will ease the transition into remote working indefinitely.

We're gonna be okay!

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